Playmarket > Alberici electronic coin selector AL55S

Alberici electronic coin selector AL55S

Alberici electronic coin selector AL55S

GE-55VS  AL55V standard (version V)

GE-55SS  AL55S standard (version S)

GE-55KS  AL55K standard (version K)

GE-55IS  AL55I standard (version I)

8 bit micro controller, 36KB Flash memory, “automotive” features, reliable in the most critical environments.

Several standard communication modes are available, and can be customized to any particular application.

Two magnetic sensors and one optic detector, assure extreme accuracy in coin discrimination.

Two sequential optic pairs, and two mechanical devices (wire-cutter and thread-ripper) protect against fishing, frauds and tamper.

16 Programming channels can be combined in a wide variety of functional versions (validators, totalizers, timers, multi-price steppers), that can also be customized at the user’s will. Easily programmable by one dip-switch row, or by K-P10-000005 kit for PC

Powerful and simple AL66 WinProg programming software, for configuration-cloning or to load and modify a wide range of functional patterns

Technical details:
Price: 100,27 EUR*

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