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Boxing machine Ultimate Power

Boxing machine Ultimate Power

Boxing Machine

Boxer is made of strong steel structure and covered with plexiglass. It is very reliable and almost unbreakable. Attractive and modern designed, and is suitable for amusement parks, disco clubs, sports halls, hotels, etc.


3 types of games (strength, stroke, tournament);
"Communicates" in English;
The effects of sound and light;
Lots of interesting tunes;
Showing records;
Easy to use;
Regulation of sound;
Adjusting the sensitivity;
Electronic coin mechanism, programmable on all the coins;
The possibility of outdoor and indoor use;
The ability to use the rain.
Brand new electronics.


length of 110 cm, width 70 cm, height 210 cm

weight of 120 kg

Technical details:
Price: 1.827,91 EUR*

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